Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stuffing wedding invitations

I am often asked about the proper way to stuff invitations so I want to share this quick, easy guide that we give to clients.

Invitation, Response card and Enclosure

The invitation is inserted first.  The largest enclosure card is inserted next, on top of the invitation, followed by any remaining enclosure cards.  If there are different sizes they should be inserted in size order with the smallest on top for visibility. 

The response card envelope should be stamped with the proper postage.  The response card should be inserted inside the flap of the envelope and then be placed on top of the invitation and inserts.  The completed set should then be inserted in the envelope.

To insure the envelopes are properly sealed we recommend using double stick tape.  Once all envelopes are stuffed and sealed, take them to the post office to confirm the weight and insure you have the correct postage.

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